File handlingΒΆ

Hierarkey has rudimentary support for saving a file into the key-value storage. In this case, not the content of the file will be saved in the key-value store. Instead, only the name of the file within the configured Django storage backend will be saved.

You need to save the file to the storage backend yourself and then pass the File object to hierarkey. When you access the key in the store, the file:// prefix will automatically be detected and hierarkey will use your default storage backend to open the file for you. The binary_file flag of the get() method allows you to open the file in binary mode.

When you use our forms support, this is done automatically for you. You can just specify a normal django.forms.FileField field on the model and HierarkeyForm will deal with storing the file to the default storage backend as well as deleting and replacing files. The filename will be automatically generated based on the primary key of your model, the key in the storage, and a random nonce. You can change this behaviour by overriding get_new_filename() on your form.